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well,, im havin the same problem... you usually need to change the battery every a year or two... if your battery is new,, then you got somethin wrong with the dynamo like what im havin now.. or the wires at the battery poles are loose.. just check on these things...


or it might be another electricity problem if your battery is new... =)


yeah the battery is new, so, I'm thinking it's electrical.  But I can't locate where, yet


heheheh,, i fixed the fucker.. ! it took around $550 to fix the car.. i changed the dynamo,, or called the alternator and it's belt.. ! FUCK IT..



The Car Geek

Man that's gotta hurt your pocket... But still, it is good to know that you fixed your car... By the way, I would like to ask what belt did you replaced? Is it the Mazda timing belt or the multi rib belt? Just curious, in case I could encounter same problem like yours.. Thanks!!!


my car is Nissan Maxima man... and in the bill, it's called the alternator belt.. the one that connects the electric alternator with the engine... through cams.. of course..




Where are the best places to look for alternators in North Vancouver, I found someone who can help me with it at a great price if I can find one but I know nothing about cars.


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